YouTube is home to one of the largest and most sophisticated industrial recommendation systems in existence. Whether we like it or not, most of our experience on the web is shaped by these powerful recommendation systems, providing us with content that we are predicted to engage with and consume. But exactly how different is each users’ interactions and view of the internet due to these personalized algorithms. The main features of YouTube’s recommendation system is that content is algorithmically generated for the purpose of users and is constantly learning. Both of these features can lead to confirmation bias in users…


The goal of this research activity is to survey a resurging field within reinforcement learning called deep meta-reinforcement learning. OpenAI has just released a new research platform called Gym Retro which is being proposed as a new benchmark for meta-RL research. For the last five years the Atari Learning Environment within OpenAI’s gym has served as the proving ground for RL algorithms. Gym Retro utilizes a more modern console than Atari, the SEGA Genesis. The Genesis has 500 times more RAM than the Atari console leading to a much greater range of possible control inputs and better graphics. The…

Andrew Gough

Eclectic Software Engineer

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